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Utah society of health-system Pharmacists

Committee Chairs

    • Ashley Bowden (Board Liaison)
    • Dave Young
    • Wilson Pace

Committee Members

    • Megan Dryer
    • Aimee Garat
    • Elizabeth Young

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Utah Legislative Information

If you don’t know who your legislators are, follow the link below and enter your address. Your legislators' contact information is listed on the website.

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2023 Legislative Session Information

The legislative session is in full swing - and more bills impacting our profession are being worked on!

Senate Bill 184 Prescription Cost Amendments "enacts provisions related to health benefit plan cost sharing", requiring insurers and PBM's to "calculate any amounts paid on behalf of individual towards the individual's cost sharing requirement." The bill passed the Senate on 02/15 and will now be heard in the House. 

House Bill 288 Opioid Dispensing Requirements requires pharmacies to "provide patient counseling on the use and availability of opioid antagonists and offer an opioid antagonist to the patient or the patient's representative for certain opiate prescriptions." This bill passed the House on 02/13 and is waiting to be heard by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. 

Senate Bill 193 Pharmaceutical Amendments prohibits a health insurer from refusing to authorize, approve or pay providers for providing a clinician-administered drug or related service. It also authorizes qualified practitioners working in a general acute hospital to issue an order for a 72-hr supply of methadone to relieve acute withdrawal symptoms. This bill passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 02/14 and is currently sitting in the Senate. 

As always, if you have input about these bills, contact your legislators. Please reach out to the USHP Advocacy Committee at if you have any questions about the bills above or any others making their way through the legislature. 

Thanks for your involvement! 

The USHP Advocacy Committee

Pictures from Pharmacy Days at the Utah State Capital

Naloxone Collaborative Practice Agreement

Recently, a variety of naloxone kits have become available for patients at high risk of adverse events from narcotics.  This is an area that is well-suited for a collaborative practice agreement.  Attached is a draft Naloxone Collaborative Practice Agreement Template that can be adapted to your individual practice site.  These are available in both Microsoft Word and PDF Format.  Please note that these are only templates and must be approved by your pharmacy and medical leadership according to Utah State Law.

Advocacy Committee Bylaws

The Advocacy Committee is responsible to monitor legislative trends and to bring to the attention of the Board upcoming legislative activities occurring in the State and National Legislature that will impact on the practice of pharmacy. The Chair of the Committee shall actively seek pertinent information from the Utah State Legislature, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Utah Pharmacists Association, and the State Board of Pharmacy. 

Committee Responsibilities

The committee is also responsible for advocating for the Society in the community to promote the current issues, news, and positive perceptions of Pharmacy that will have an impact on the practice of pharmacy to the community, news media, and government leaders. In the event that resources are needed to indicate the USHP's stand on a legislative issue, the Chair of the Committee shall request, obtain board approval and coordinate the use of such resources and report to the Board in a timely manner.

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