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House of Delegates

What is the ASHP House of Delegates?

The ASHP House of Delegates is the "ultimate authority on ASHP professional policies." Those elected as a delegate represent the interests of health-system pharmacy in their state.

ASHP grants three delegates to the state of Utah, who each serve a two-year term. USHP is responsible for holding elections for these delegates. Our delegates are staggered such that there is always a at least one delegate with a year of experience (e.g. two delegates alternating with one delegate are elected every other year). 

Who is eligible for nomination?

  • Member of ASHP
  • Member of USHP
  • Resident of Utah
    • Note: Preferred practice for 5 or more years
What are the expectations of delegates?
  • Delegates are elected in January, and must agree to attend:
    • March: Virtual House of Delegates
    • June: Live House of Delegates (Funding Provided by USHP)
    • November: Virtual House of Delegates
  • Delegates are strongly encouraged to attend:
    • April: Regional Delegates Conference (Funding Provided by USHP)

    Utah ASHP Delegates 2020

    2019-2020 Term
    • Kavish Choudhary (Senior Director, Inpatient and Infusion Pharmacy Services; U Health)
    2020-2021 Term
    • Erin Fox (Senior Director, Drug Information and Support Services, U Health)
    • Anthony Trovato (Drug Information Specialist, U Health)

    2020 Alternates

    • Michelle Wheeler (U Health)
    • Tina Aramaki
    • Wilson Pace (PGY-2 Cardiology Resident, Utah Valley Hospital, Intermountain Healthcare)

    Election Process

    In late December / early January of each year, USHP sends out a call for nominations of ASHP members in Utah for the ASHP House of Delegates. Subsequent voting for election occurs in early to mid-January. Please email nominations@ushp.org with any questions.

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