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Utah society of health-system Pharmacists

Annual Award Recipients

Each summer, the Immediate Past President sends out a call for nominations for the following USHP Annual Awards. 
The winners of each award are announced at the USHP Annual Meeting.

Pharmacist of the Year

2022     Emma Jones

2021     Linda S. Tyler

2020     Kavish Choudhary
2019     Elizabeth Sebranek
2018     Erin Bailey
2017     Richard Ensign
2016     Michelle Wheeler
2015     Don Alexander
2014     Brandon Jennings
2013     Tina Aramaki
2012     Sara Vasquez
2011     Erin Fox

Pharmacy Technician of the Year

2022     Autumn Hawks

2021     Tricia Johnson
2020     Amber Perry
2019     Jessica Burrows
2018     Gentry Phillips
2017     Zachary Tolman
2016     Kolene Creek
2015     Stephanie Wanless
2014     Jan Bird
2013     Kamie Kirton
2012     Rachel Pili Wright
2011     Raghbir Makhar

New Practitioner of the Year

2022     N/A

2021     Anthony Trovato
2020     Elizabeth Bald
2019     Zach White
2018     Tristan Timbrook
2017     Anastasia Diamantopoulos
2016     Courtney Cavalieri
2015     Emily Hays
2014     Erin Bailey
2013     Nikki Milne
2012     Matt Pepper
2011     Rob Nahoopii

Pharmacy Intern of the Year

2022     Payson Ashmead

2021     Miao Lai
2020     Gursimran Kaur
2019     Bryn Lindley
2018     Reaghan Erickson
2017     Wilson Pace
2016     Elyse Schwab-Daugherty
2015     Anthony Trovato
2014     Anna Torosyan
2013     Renee Petty
2012     Cole Sloan
2011     Lisa Kallas

Linda S. Tyler Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award*

2022    Intermountain Healthcare Drug Shortages Advisory Group 

2021     Project ECHO Tele-Critical Care Pharmacy Service at Intermountain Health
2020     Drug Information Service at the University of Utah Health
2019     Community Care Team at Intermountain Healthcare
2018     Pharmacy Ambulatory Clinical Care Center (PACCC) at University of Utah Health
2017     Medication Access Coordinators (MAC Techs) at Huntsman Cancer Institute
2014     Utah Naloxone Program, represented by Christopher Stock
2013     Investigational Drug Services at the University of Utah Health

* = Previously known as the “USHP Pharmaceutical Care Practice Award”, this honor was permanently renamed the “USHP Linda S. Tyler Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award” at the 2021 USHP Annual Meeting in order to honor Dr. Tyler’s 35-year legacy of innovation in Utah and inspire future generations of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to advance the profession in their respective sites of practice. This Annual Award recognizes a pharmacy practice in the state of Utah which has demonstrated exemplary innovation in order to advance public health and improve patient outcomes.

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